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Visit to see why the pet industry’s latest technological wonder is enrapturing pet lovers everywhere.

The Whistle 3 is a device, exclusive to, that uses smart technology to locate your pet and track its activity at all times. Whistle believe that when you know more about your pet, you’ll know more about its needs, leading to a happier and healthier life together. Using a combination of GPS and cellular technology, the Whistle 3 provides the fastest and most accurate tracking abilities available, nationwide. Although similar Bluetooth-only devices exist on the market, their range is a mere 50 feet; the Whistle 3 can locate your pet in the backyard or up to 3,000 miles away!

Despite its cutting-edge technology, the Whistle 3 is simple to use. You can set your pet’s “safe place” location and receive text, email or in-app notifications notifying you when you pet has left it before they get too far. You can create multiple Places to keep tabs on your pet from any location and follow any trips they’ve made over a 24-hour period. When it comes to your pet’s health, Whistle lets you track their daily activity and rest, set customized activity goals and receive notifications of changes in their sleep patterns or activity levels, letting you keep your best friend in top shape for their breed, weight, and age. Visit today to give it a try and have peace of mind with their 90-day money back guarantee.