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Pet Plus provides pet owners with simple access to the best services and product values around. understands that pet owners want to do anything it takes to keep their pet healthy and happy, but know it isn’t always easy. Unplanned medical procedures, unexpected vet costs, and new medications all add up financially, and it can be difficult sourcing trustworthy, reliable information to learn about our beloved pets and their prescriptions. Plus, it can be extremely time-consuming researching the best services and products available for our pets. exists to break down these barriers to caring for your pet, making it easier and more affordable than ever before.
No pet owner should feel their ability to look after their pet is limited by time, choice or affordability, which is why membership to provides customers with access to wholesale prices on the highest quality products, ranging from prescription and nonprescription medications and supplements to food and pet accessories. You’ll also receive free, 24/7 access to a vet specialist, potentially saving hundreds of dollars on annual vet visits. also believe that owners should have access to a reliable network of peers they can count on, which is why online community consists of tens of thousands of members - including pet owners, vets, groomers, local pet stores, and partner pharmacies - who find new ways to help each other care for their pets. Sign up today to find out how you can help your pet live it’s happiest and healthiest life.