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Just Food For Dogs provides a balanced, whole food diet to increase the length and quality of life for as many dogs as possible.

Frustration with low-quality and harmful pet food ingredients, misleading labeling practices and lack of nutritional value lead to the creation of, the world’s first dog kitchen. only produces healthy, whole food and is a business modeled on truth, reason, honesty, and fact. Their freshly prepared meals only contain ingredients fit for humans and are USDA approved. As the only pet whole-food brand to have validated their health benefits with feeding trials, their meals are proven to be better for your dog. are supported by hundreds of prescribing vets, with eight practicing vets on staff, and by America’s premier pet insurance provider. Not only does deliver nutritious daily meals for healthy dogs, straight to your doorstep, they also offer specially formulated, custom diets and prescription veterinary diets for sick dogs to improve their quality of life. Every single recipe is handmade in small batches in their unique, state-of-the-art kitchens - you can even visit them yourself to see the chefs at work!

Not only is packed with delicious meals for your dog, but it’s also home to the innovative JustLearning section. This is where the experts at share everything they know about dog health, dog diets, and canine nutrition to help you and your dogs. Visit JustFoodForDogs today to start giving your dog the lifestyle it needs and deserves.